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The Pudding Ridge community has long been a part of Davie County and North Carolina’s history and heritage. Besides having ties to Daniel Boone, Pudding Ridge played a part in the Revolutionary War.

In the winter of 1781, British General Charles Cornwallis and his forces were marching to overtake the troops of General Nathaniel Greene who had crossed the swollen Yadkin River in heavy rain. The British traveled north into Davie County looking for a more suitable place to cross the river. They crossed Dutchmen’s Creek at a rocky ford near here where Bryan’s Branch enters the creek. (Bryan’s Branch had been named for the family of Rebecca Bryan, wife of Daniel Boone. Daniel and Rebecca’s first cabin stood near here).

On February 6, 1781, Cornwallis traversed this site. Tradition has it that the consistency of the mud so reminded him of English pudding, that he named the hill Pudding Ridge, a name that has survived for over two hundred years.



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